Submarine Abstraction

How to be Oh so slightly different while visiting this WWII U-boat lair. Well, one has to make photographs of the displayed Cold war era submarine I suppose. There are not many ways you can do that and be different. The museum displays a few interesting alternatives from visitors. Here is my take on it.

However, there is no way to know the subject is a submarine, is there? Mmmm, that’s the problem with abstraction, the subject becomes ermm… abstract. There was that one other angle though, but it veers then to postcard type.

Well, in any case, the inside was a profusion of strange Cold War era equipment. the crypted telex machine, a good blast from the past:

Quaint stuff, don’t you think?

Very different in any case from this renovation project in a nearby shipyard: an old tuna fishing boat from the Lorient area. We were shown around by Jean-Claude Rosso, who navigated on such boats until the late seventies and who now dedicates his time to the project. The boat is planned to be finished and seaworthy for Spring 2012…If you wish to help or have a look at the shipyard in the next few months:

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