May gone, already June

Last month I woke up early in that Geneva hotel. the other side was lit by the reflection of the sun on my own side, creating an interesting light pattern. A good omen for that day. well, at least I thought so…

Back to London, during one of these countless grey and cold sundays this May, I came across this timeless bowling green and these gentlemen and ladies ageing gracefully. Not my cup of tea, but they were very competitive. The current bowler (on the picture) was really top notch.

More recently on a sunny Saturday, I was strolling through the 17th arrondissement in Paris, aimlessly.

Then I came across this curious looking-for-a-job note. Was I really in Paris?

It only needed a few more metres for me to stumble upon Saint Alexandre Nevsky Cathedral, the Russian Church in Paris. No wonder then, the area had been for years the heart of the White Russian community.

A great chance opportunity to join in for reflexion time looking at this icon of the Theotokos, bathed in the fragrance of bee wax candles, to the rhythm of the choir accompanying the divine liturgy. Too late for the Easter “Хрїстóсъ воскрéсе!”  greeting but still.

A bit more walking afterwards, back into the buzz of the Parisian City. I went across a bridge overlooking the “Peripherique”, sheer madness driving in there. I captured a near miss…

Time to get into the mood for the wedding, after all, this was the reason for my stay. Of the too numerous pictures, at the moment, this one is my favourite.

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